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Watchmen Trial Update

watchmensmall-010809The chances are looking up that Watchmen will make its March 6th release.  The two studios at the center of the conflict, Fox and Warner Bros, have asked federal judge Gary A. Feess to delay the upcoming hearing because “settlement talks have been productive”.  That’s great news considering the sides had been assumed to be very much apart on settling.  The request surprised Feess, who noted that earlier in the week Warner Bros. asked to move the trial to before January 20th because they wanted a quicker decision on whether or not they could release the film on 6th of March.

Lou Karasik, who is representing Fox, told the judge that the delay would be “very, very helpful” to settlement discussions he calls “productive.”

In other news related to this lawsuit, producer Larry Gordon has joined Lloyd Levin in talking about the legal issue.  The producer sent a lengthy letter to judge Feess.  Read about it at THR.