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Alan Horn Talks ‘Dark Knight’ Sequel, Green Lantern and More

greenlantern-121808Collider conducted an interview with Warner Bros. president Alan Horn, who talked about several of the studio’s projects including the status of The Dark Knight sequel, Green Lantern and more.  Here are some highlights from the interview:

“We’ve been talking to [director] Chris Nolan and what we have to do is get him in the right place and have him tell us what he thinks the notion might be for a great story, but Chris did a great job and we’d love to have him come back and do another one.”

“Yes. The story is everything and we are very respectful of Chris. We have a wonderful relationship with him and we are going to be respectful of his timing and we want to get it right. Also, I think the fans expect that – they want us to make a terrific movie – we have to give them another great movie.”

When asked which property is closest to hitting the big screen, Horn offered: “I think Green Lantern is probably the best guess but I can’t promise it at this moment.”

Horn also said that we’ll “probably” see another Superman “in the next couple years”, adding “We’re very anxious to bring Superman back also.”

You can watch the interview embedded below:

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.763205&w=425&h=350&fv=e%3D4bffc0037b3a3a473a9a2f4e92ed7a23c70b2277d530099d1865f7dc06525b6c7b7d8e83cee9272d0966dcfe5d0e352ffcf1bbbdabbad289fb9e43925764ca1a72b9d72620a9de%26width%3D500%26height%3D407%26autostart%3Dfalse%26allowscriptaccess%3D]