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Mark Millar Talks Superman

Shortly before Warner Bros announced their intention to put the Superman Returns sequel on hold and reboot the franchise (click here for related article), comic book writer Mark Millar hinted at the Warner Bros move (read about that here) and revealed that he has a director and producer lined up for the reboot, should WB follow along with him. Now the director is talking a bit more fully about his plan.  Empire Magazine scored an interview with Millar in which he talks about how he wants to create an epic 8-hour screen story that will follow the entire life of Kal-El from his birth on Krypton a thousand years ago, until he is the last being left on Earth.  Here are some excerpts from the interview:

Mark has been working closely with a ‘big-Hollywood action director’ – who he refuses to name at this stage – on a pitch for what he is calling the Magnum Opus of Superman stories. His idea is for an 8-hour saga, split into 3 films to be released a year apart, in a Lord of the Rings fashion. Although several other sources have reported similar conversations with Mark, he went into further detail, fleshing out the story arc a little more.

“It’s gonna be like Michael Corleone in the Godfather films, the entire story from beginning to end, you see where he starts, how he becomes who he becomes, and where that takes him. The Dark Knight showed you can take a comic book property and make a serious film, and I think the studios are ready to listen to bigger ideas now.”

“I want to start on Krypton, a thousand years ago, and end with Superman alone on Planet Earth, the last being left on the planet, as the yellow sun turns red and starts to supernova, and he loses his powers.”

Click here to read the entire interview.

Source: Empire