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“Watchmen” Ending Changed + New Poster

Fans who got a chance to see the Watchmen test screening last week are starting to let loose with their thoughts (read some here), and while most of the buzz is high, some are a little concerned over how Zack Snyder’s ending varies from the one in the graphic novel.  It is indeed true, and Kevin Smith, who has seen the film twice, confirmed it in an interview with Collider:

“It’s a little different. While it is a slight departure, it actually makes sense in the context of the story because it brings the characters back into it. It kind of makes the movie more about them by the end of it because of the switch they made. I would never say that Alan Moore fucked it up or something. I love the ending of the Watchmen comic book, but I think this ending works just as well.”

Meh, doesn’t sound like such a big deal.  Directors/writers/whatever tend to like to changes things, make them their own, if you will.  As long as the film turns out good, I have no problem with Snyder changing things up a bit.

Warner Bros. also released a new poster, which I’ve included below.  Click to enlarge.

Source: Collider