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Comic-Con 2008: ABC’s “Pushing Daisies” Panel

The panel for ABC’s Pushing Daisies featuredthe entire cast, who were joined by creator Bryan Fuller and executive producer Barry Sonnenfeld.  Here are some highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • The characters will be visiting a new set of locations in season two, including a nunnery, a bee factory and a traveling circus.
  • A couple new characters will be joining the cast.  One will be David Arquette, who will plaly Ned’s best friend and another a pig named Pigby.
  • Viewers will get to meet Emerson’s mother and we’ll see flashbacks of a young Olive, Emerson, Ned and Chuck.
  • The aunts will be getting out of the house more often and participating in some of the murder mysteries.
  • There will be an arc about Emerson’s daughter.
  • While praising the cast as well as the writing staff, Barry said that new talent has been added for season two, including a former writer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Kristen will sing in the first episode, with more musical numbers to follow during the season.
  • Fuller said he idea for Pushing Daisies came from his work on Dead LIke Me.  He wanted to do something sweet and refreshing.