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Comic-Con 2008: SCI FI’s “Eureka” Panel

The panel for the SCI FI Channel show Eureka took place on Saturday night.  Here are some highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • Two new characters will be introduced this season.  One will be Eva Thorne (Frances Fisher) who is known as “The Fixer”.  The other characters will be Jack’s sister, named Lexxie.
  • Colin Ferguson (who plays Jack Carter) said that Lexxie will turn Jack, and the town of Eureka, upside down.  She does this by becoming friendly with everyone in the town, which took Jack much longer to do: “It’s like reliving my childhood,” Ferguson said.
  • He added that it’s great to have some new blood in the series and that the actress playing her sister is very much like his real sister.
  • The Artifact mythology has been wrapped up and the introduction of Eva Thorne will start a new arc.
  • Sara will be Twittering online about the goings-on around the house and Eureka.  If you write she’ll respond back.
  • A new site, Eureka Unscripted, has been created to give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the writers putting the episodes together.
  • A podcast will be released one to two days after the last original episode airs.
  • Beverly, the psychologist, will not be returning this season.
  • Jim Taggert (played by Matt Frewer) will, however.  He’ll have a recurring role during the second half of the season.
  • Both Sally and Joe will be directing episodes of the series this season.
  • Fargo and Henry may be getting love interests.
  • More of Deputy Jo Lupo’s background will be revealed this season.  Also, she will be the focus of one episode.