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Comic-Con 2008: Fox’s “Fringe” Panel

J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Bryan Burke, Jeff Pinkner, Roberto Orci, Anna Torv, Josh Jackson and John Noble were in attendance for Fox’s Fringe panel.  Here are some highlights courtesy TV Squad:

  • The presentation began with a screening of the show’s trailer.
  • Abrams told the audience that the goal of Fringe is to create an series that doesn’t have the complex mythology of Lost or Alias.  Shows like The Twilight Zone and The X-Files inspired him to write Fringe.
  • You can hope into the series at any point and not worry about getting lost in what’s happening.
  • There won’t be a continous storyline, though there will be “something” there.
  • Someone asked if the pilot for the show was purposely leaked or marketing to drum up interest.  Abrams was very serious in saying that the leak was definitely not intentional.
  • Abrams said yes to a possible comic book.
  • Asked about how much of the show he has “fleshed out”, Abrams said that he has what he calls an “internal ending” to the show (just an overall direction, not necessarily a way a show will end).  Nor does he have a set amount of years he’d like to see the show run.
  • Pinkner said he found feedback from online groups helpful and necessary.

Other topics, not related to Fringe, touched on included a Cloverfield sequel and Star Trek.  You can read the panel’s thoughts on those two topics in a prior post I wrote on the site at this link.