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Comic-Con 2008: “Stargate Atlantis” Panel

Here are some highlights, courtesy TV Squad, of the Comic-Con panel for the SCI FI series Stargate Atlantis:

  • Flanigan was the only original cast member of Atlantis at the panel.  Flanigan talked about how his character has evolved over the last five seasons. He use to do many things solo in the beginning, but now he’s a team player, he says.
  • Plenty of jokes to go around.
  • Jewel Staite answered a question about her most difficult show to film to date, saying it was the season four episode “Tracker”.
  • Picardo named an upcoming episode, “Inquisition”, because his character has nearly 10 pages of straight dialougue to go through.
  • Writer Brad Wright responded a question about whether there would be any romance between Sheppard and Teyla by saying that they have a unique relationship and it will be explored more this year.