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Comic-Con 2008: More On “Watchmen” and Zack Snyder

Here are a few more details on the Watchmen film relayed via the various panels going on at Comic-Con.

  • At the panel for Watchmen, Snyder expressed his love of Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel and said this: “There are a lot of other graphic novels out there, but I would love to see Frank Miller’s Dark Knight made into a movie, but that’s just me.”
  • He continued that line of thought while at the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries panel, where Frank Miller told Snyder: “You can do it anytime you want to Zack”.  Snyder said he was making a note of Miller’s response.

Here’s a bit on the length/editing issue:

  • Speaking at the Entertainment Weekly Visionaries session, Zack Snyder revealed that they’ve filmed the transitions featured in the graphic novel that take the main storyline into the Freighter comic and that though they won’t be part of the theatrical cut, they’ll show up in a future director’s cut (presumably on DVD).
  • When asked about the running time debate, Snyder said the following: “I want to make the best movie I can. I want to put pressure on myself as a filmmaker and say, ‘What’s the coolest movie?’ And if the coolest movie is 3-hours long then that’s the coolest movie. I understand and respect my partners at Warner Bros. I want them to have financial success with the film. You know, when you look at it that way, they invested a lot of money into it, they want it to be good. But on the other hand, I would tell them that I think the very things they think are too long, or too violent, or too sexy are the very reasons to go to the movie.”
  • Snyder also noted that since the film’s release, the graphic novel has moved up on the Amazon charts: “[The graphic novel] is #1 or #2 on Amazon right now, and that’s awesome. I think that if in the end the movie is a 3-hour advertisement for the book, then so be it. I succeeded.”

Rounding out the Watchmen coverage, Snyder responded to a question about the recently announced Watchmen videogames, assuring the audience that care will go in to making them:

We had quite a back and fourth about that. They sent me a script for it. This is the dorkiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, and it’s not cool at all. And it had nothing to do with Watchmen. We tried to rewrite it. We tried to come up with an idea where you like kill Woodward and Bernstein. We tried to go down those kind of routes and do something more subversive. A dialogue needs to be established between filmmakers and game producers. It’s not marketing; it can’t be an afterthought.