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Comic-Con 2008: Comedy Central’s “TV Funhouse”

Comedy Central’s two-hour panel on TV Funhouse began with a speech by Triumph the insult comedy dog and the panel included Smigel, Dino, Smigel, Dino Stamatopoulos (Morel Orel) and Tommy Blacha (Metalocalypse).  Odenkirk moderated the panel.  Here are the highlights courtesy TV Squad.

  • They showed clips from TV Funhouse.
  • Dough Dale, the host of TV Funhouse, showed up via internet midway through, discussing various aspects of the show and entertained with various hats, puppets and facial expressions.
  • The Anipals made an appearance.
  • It was announced that Morel Orel will not be returning to Adult Swim after the 13 episodes air this season.
  • Tommy Blacha mentioned that Metalocalypse would be returning.
  • Smigel inferred that he may not be returning to Saturday Night Live this season, mentioning that he was barely on last season due to budget cuts, though he wasn’t bitter about it and defended the show when an audience member said everything on the show, save his bits, were crap.

Read the entire report at this link, which also includes pictures.