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Comic-Con 2008: NBC’s “Kings” Panel

The audience at NBC’s panel for the upcoming series Kings, were treated to the first 20 minutes of the pilot.  Heroes star Greg Grunberg moderated the panel, noting that he’d seen the pilot and was a huge fan of it and decided to drive down to San Diego the night before “because I’m such a geek.” Here are the highlights from the panel, courtesy TVSquad:

  • Greg Grunberg (Heroes) came out to introduce and moderate, then we were shown 20 minutes of the pilot.
  • The initial 20 minutes from the pilot felt very movie-like. Everyone has these orange flags with a butterfly emblem (pictured in the button in the gallery). Ian McShane plays the king of a place that looks a lot like our Earth — scenes show a very New York-like city, called “Shiloh.” Even watches have the butterfly emblem. Flashbacks to a battle at the “Northern Border”. A soldier, David, takes out an enemy tank known as “Goliath” while trying to save fellow soldiers from captivity. Unbeknownst to David, one of those soldiers is the king’s son. This turns David into an overnight hero.
  • Grunberg joked that the only thing he found wrong with the show was that he wasn’t in it.
  • Present at the panel: Michael Green, Francis Lawrence, Erwin Stoff, Sebastian Stan, Susanna Thompson and Allison Miller (who I thought looked 13 up there).
  • Ian was late and never showed up, apparently in traffic, since his message, read to us by Green, was “if those cocksuckers don’t get off the motherfucking road and let me get to the motherfucking convention center…”
  • Michael Green said he went and took a risk, went with the wildest idea to NBC and they went with it.
  • The show shoots in New York City.
  • Stoff noted the butterfly motif from I Am Legend, which he was a part of. He also mentioned that a David & Goliath retelling for Universal was being worked on, though I’m guessing that’s not happening.
  • Chris Egan is Australian, so there’s another possible ‘Excellence in Outsourcing’ award nominee for you.
  • The battle scenes were shot right outside JFK airport.
  • An attendee asked if the whole monarchy aspect was supposed to be ominous as related to … current situations in the US. Stoff indicated it’s more of a parallel with how corporations are held, with a CEO having this overwhelming power over a large amount of people.
  • When asked how it was working with McShane, Sebastian Stan joked “he’s a puppy.”
  • The show is set to premiere February 2009 with a two-hour pilot.

Click here to read IGN’s accounting of the panel.

Kings premieres on NBC in 2009.