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Comic-Con 2008: “Battlestar Galactica”-Related Panels [UPDATE]

UPDATED 7/25/2008 AT 12:15pm: TV Squad has put up their report from the panel.  Read it at this link.


There are several panels going on at Comic-Con this week related to the SCI FI series Battlestar Galactica, and the Galactica SitRep blog is on top of all the events.  Here is some of what’s going on:

  • forums members have a pinned thread at the site set up to discuss the Con and share experiences and photos and what not.
  • Wired, Discover blog, and io9 have observations from today’s BSG 30th Anniversary panel that included Richard Hatch, Bear McCreary, Tom DeSanto and Kevin Grazier.
  • io9 has a post up discussing the 2001 aborted Bryan Singer BSG project: “…Singer’s production company was working on a $13.5 million backdoor pilot for a new BSG, which would air on Fox and then on the Sci Fi Channel. The episodes would have been letterboxed, and the repeat airings on Sci Fi would have had extra footage. DeSanto said the story of the humans “forgetting their purpose” and living in super-capitalist decadence on New Caprica mirrored what he was seeing of his friends during the tech boom around 1999-2000, with people obsessing about their stock portfolios. And just like the Cylon attacks in the abortive Singer pilot, 9/11 brought people back to a sense of purpose.”

I’ll post more when I see it.