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Jerry Ferarra and Kevin Connolly Talk Season Five of Entourage

Jerry Ferarra and Kevin Connolly, who play Turtle and E, respectively, on the HBO half-hour drama/comedy Entourage, recently were coaxed by OK! Magazine into spilling some previously unknown details about the upcoming season of the show (September 7th).  Check out the highlights after the jump.

Highlights below, click here for the OK! Magazine article [SPOILERS FOLLOW].

  • “There’s big changes for all the characters this year,” Jerry spilled. “The movie that we basically put our lives into, Medellin, was kind of a bomb at the Cannes Film Festival and it pretty much picks up this year with the aftermath of that.
  • “The guys are very much in trouble financially, it’s not like the old Entourage where they had everything at their finger tips. I mean they do still have their normal connections, but it’s a little bit of a struggle,” Jerry continued. “My character goes out and gets a job for an episode.”

After being pressed a bit from the magazine, Connolly chimed in with the following:

  • “The film doesn’t do well and [Vince’s] career is at a low, and in the immortal words of Ari Gold, he’s in ‘movie jail,'” Kevin revealed. “So it’s all about getting his career back on track.”

Source: OK! Magazine