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Michael Hall Talks about the prospects of a Dead Zone movie

Anthony Michael Hall, who played psychic Johnny Smith on USA Network’s The Dead Zone, told SCI FI Wire that there is talk about doing a movie based on the television series, and that though he isn’t that optimistic of its chances, is open to doing the film.

“There’s talk about it,” Hall told SCI FI Wire.  “I don’t think we had the size of a cult following that, let’s say, The X-Files did. You look at Sex and the City or The X-Files, these movies were done long after the shows pumped out their last episodes.”

Regardless of how things shake out, Hall remains grateful to the opportunites he was given on the show.

“I would certainly be open to the potential for [a reunion feature],” he said. “I would never turn my back on what [the show’s late producer] Michael Piller did for me. He gave me this incredible opportunity. When I look back at [my] career, I view him and John Hughes as almost guardian angels of my career.”

Source: SCI FI Wire