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Jon Favreu on Iron Man 2

On the set of his latest movie, the DreamWorks comedy I Love You, Man (January 16, 2009), Hype! sat down with Iron Man director Jon Favreau who gave an update on the sequel to the film, plus other upcoming Marvel Studios movies and even other non-Marvel movies such as Hancock and The Dark Knight.  Check out some highlights after the jump.

CS/SHH!: Would you launch into another two year movie after this?
Yeah, I would do it. Hopefully we’ll figure out how to get “Iron Man 2” going and I’ll be involved with that. You have got to out-do what you did before. So, if the last one took two years, we would need at least that to do what we are talking about, or at least thinking about. Nobody knew about “Iron Man,” and that was a disadvantage in some ways, but nobody expected anything. I think people were pleased based on the fact that they had no preconceptions about the project. Now, we have a movie that people seem to like and you can’t give them less. You have to give them more. There are challenges that come with that as well as the benefit of people already understanding who he is and the character. We told the origin story so where do you go from here? There are plenty of story lines to explore from the 40 years of history from that character.

CS/SHH!: It’s obvious that in “The Incredible Hulk” there is the super soldier serum and Captain America’s shield in your film. So, is there a story there already with Captain America that you guys will put in?
Favreau: Yeah, truth be told it’s more like instinctively we are gravitating towards combining certain properties, but you don’t really discover how that happens until you roll your sleeves up and get into the story telling. You do casting. There are a lot of ideas floating around. We will have conversations as we all gather and paw the ground in the parking lots. We’ll kick rocks around and start having conversations where we let our imaginations go wild. It’s not like we’ve sat down with a dry erase board and wrote through the whole line of stories. For me I’m pretty confident about who Iron Man is, what that character is, and what the rules of that world are. Maybe Marvel knows, but I have no idea how you relate that reality to the reality of Thor, which seems like a very different set of rules to that universe. Captain America I get, I understand how that would relate, or The Hulk. Especially if you are working towards the idea of doing “The Avengers,” how do you make those worlds all feel consistent with one another in the look of the film, the casting of the film, and then the look of the visual effect.

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Iron Man 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on April 30, 2010.