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Alan Burnett Talks “Batman: Gotham Knight” + New Photos

Award-winning writer Alan Burnett, best known for scripting episodes of Batman: The Animated Series, talked to WB about the upcoming straight-to-video release of Batman: Gotham Knight, noting that it’s “the most stylized Batman that’s come out of Warner Bros.”, adding “Gotham City is stunning, and it’s very interesting to see how they’ve envisioned Batman, his environment and his action and movements.” Check out more thoughts from Burnett, plus several new photos, and a trailer from the movie after the jump.

Burnett served as story editor of the entire film, and was the writer of the sixth and final segment, “Deadshot”.  That segment tied together threads from all of the film’s chapters, but it was the opportunity to write about Deadshot that most drew Burnett into the project: “I’ve always liked Deadshot as a villain, and I really like stories with assassins,” Burnett explained. “The fact that they’re killers, and what they do has impact, automatically heightens the energy of the story.”

On the aspect of tying the film’s various stories together, Burnett said he “thought it was important to keep the integrity of each writer’s words.” Adding: “The writers all pretty much had the same voice for Batman, so I had to change very little dialogue – just small fixes to tie up loose ends, and reinforce transitions and connections between the stories. But I did as little editing as I could because I respected what the writers wrote, and I thought it was important that their voice was heard. Just as the artists made their segments their own, so should the writers.”

Overall, Burnett says he is pleased with the final product and is excited to discover the fans reaction to the film.  He ended the conversation with a little more discussion on his segment.

“For my segment, I think the first Deadshot murder is quite good – there’s a lot of eye candy within the cityscape. The artists added fireworks and balloons and a lot of interesting elements to what ultimately is a cold-blooded murder,” Burnett said. “I like the short-form for Batman, because it feels almost like a 22-page comic book story. In short form, the stakes are elevated from the beginning, and it gives you a chance to really heighten the action quickly – so you can make your points hard and fast and get out.”

Batman: Gotham Knight (official site) will be released on both DVD and Blu-ray Hi-Def on July 8, 2008.  Check out some newly released photos (all taken from the “Deadshot” segment) below. I’ve also added the previously released trailer, which you’ll find below as well.

As always, click to enlarge.

Batman prepares to battle Deadshot atop a commuter train.

Batman and his wonderful toys — the Dark Knight pursues the villainous Deadshot during a race across Gotham City

Bruce Wayne examines a gun for a moment prior to his confrontation with Deadshot

Deadshot readies to fire on Batman during their battle inside a subway tunnel

Deadshot — sans body armor — discusses business over a martini

Movie Trailer:

Source: Warner Bros.

Trademark information for the images:

“Batman Gotham Knight” (c) Warner Bros. Ent Inc.

“Batman” and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and

(c) DC Comics. All Rights Reserved.

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  • gldblmr

    The link to the official site for Batman: Gotham Knight appears to be dead.

  • gldblmr

    The link to the official site for Batman: Gotham Knight appears to be dead.

  • Russ T.C.

    Thanks for catching that gldblmr. It’s fixed now.


  • Russ T.C.

    Thanks for catching that gldblmr. It’s fixed now.


  • diksuk

    BATMAN is so cool!

  • diksuk

    BATMAN is so cool!