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George Lucas “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” Interview

George Lucas recently sat down with and talked about the upcoming Star Wars animated and live-action television shows. Highlights after the jump.

Lucas on the expected length of the animated series, and potential start time of the live-action series:

Coming Soon: Do you see the show going on for a long time? It obviously takes a long time to produce computer animation.
George Lucas: We’ve been doing this for three years. We have one year finished, we’re in the middle of the second year. I’ve written the third year. We expect this to go on for at least five or six years.

CS: And the live action show will go on at the same time?
GL: The live action show probably won’t start until 2010. We’re working on it now, doing the scripts and everything, but it takes too long to get it up and organized, but I think this is a chance for the fans to see the animated series on the big screen. It works great on the big screen and it’s kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see it big.

On the connection to the animated movie and when it’ll premiere:

CS: There won’t be a “To Be Continued” at the end of the movie teasing those who see it to watch the television show?
GL: Well, no, but the show starts in October… October 1st… no, in the fall. They haven’t decided yet. We just made our deal.

On the tone, look and style of the animated series: It’s obviously a different tone but still has the drama and the characters.
GL: The TV series is exactly like the movies, exactly. I mean, you can see it in the clip. It’s basically just the movies only with cartoon characters. It’s basically a dramatic series, there’s a lot of action, a bit of humor. It runs along at the same level. It’s unusual for an animated film, because it’s not really hardcore like say “Beowulf” and it’s not a Pixar movie, so it kind of falls in between in this funny world where “Star Wars” is, which is kind of hard-edged but not really, sort of on the verge of PG-13, flips over once in a while, but sort of the high end of PG.

Click over to for the rest of the interview.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars hits theaters on August 15th.