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“Venom” Spin-Off Moving Forward

IESB is reporting that Marvel is moving forward with a new stand alone film which will feature the character of Venom.

The site notes that they’ve confirmed that “the studio” has met recently with several “A list writers” about the film.

New Line held the theatrical rights to Venom eight years ago, but since then the rights have reverted back to Marvel.  Rights are unclear, but the likely situation is that Marvel controls rights to the character, while Sony, who has been distributing the Spider-Man films has control over distribution rights.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this.  I personally felt that Spider-Man 3 was by far the weakest film in the lot, and that the character of Venom was very poorly developed. Hopefully if they do decide to give him his own dedicated film, they do a better job.

Source: IESB