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“Justice League” Put On Hold Until After Strike [Update]

IESB is reporting that Justice League has been put on hold until after the WGA writers strike is settled.

From the site:

Word came down today that the film is officially on hold. This will be until, at the very least, after the Writers strike has been resolved. Right now it’s looking like at least until June.

Our source is solid, he’s a crew member working directly on the production team down in Australia. He says the big meeting took place yesterday. They’ve decided on a one-week notice to all of the employees – this is a standard practice in Australian filmmaking as a courtesy when letting people go.

So that’s that. The movie hasn’t been canceled, but it has been put on indefinite hold.

Update: Variety, and others, have picked up on the news, and are reporting that Warner Bros. has let the options lapse on the contracts for the cast and director:

Warner Bros. let the options lapse on the young cast that director George Miller chose to play DC superhero staples. The studio, which had set Tuesday as its greenlight deadline for the pic, confirmed Wednesday the project is on indefinite hold.

Project now most likely won’t get under way until late summer or fall at the earliest.

Source: IESB