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Sommer’s “G.I. Joe” Casting

Latino Review is reporting that two characters have been cast for the upcoming big screen live-action adaptation of G.I. Joe.

The characters cast are Storm Shadow, Snake-Eye’s brother and rival Tommy S. Arashikage, will be played by Korean star Byeong-Heon Lee, while the character of Shana “Scarlett” O’Hara has been cast with actress Rachel Nichols.

For those unfamiliar with the characters, here’s a little background on them (courtesy Latino Review):

Storm Shadow/Thomas S. Arashikage

Storm Shadow’s real name is Thomas S. Arashikage. Best known as the Cobra Commander’s ninja bodyguard and assassin at times, he is the only member of the team to change sides several times, conflicted in loyalties between Cobra, G.I. Joe and his long relationship with his swordbrother Snake-Eyes. He usually wears a white uniform and mask. When out of his uniform, he is shown to be Japanese, with black hair and dark eyes. In 2007, the character’s creator Larry Hama revealed an alternate name for the character, Tomisaburo Arashikage, in the solo series Storm Shadow. Although Tomisaburo is a single Japanese name, it may stand in for his middle initial in: Tommy/Thomas S Arashikage.

Shana “Scarlett” O’ Hara

She was the first female action figure in the G.I. Joe toy line and is also the only member of the original team to see much action in both cartoon and comic incarnations. The official line on Scarlett is that her full name is Shana M. O’Hara. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Although she is as adept with standard weapons as any of her comrades, her weapon of choice is the crossbow, which fires various bolts with specialized functions. Her rank is Master Sergeant, and she serves from time to time as team leader. Her primary specialty for the team is counter intelligence and is additionally skilled in martial arts and acrobatics.

She has long red hair, which she tends to put up into a pony tail. In some of her appearances, it is shown she may speak with a southern drawl or localized Georgian Accent.

G.I. Joe, directed by Stephen Sommers, is expected in theaters on August 9, 2008.

Source: Latino Review