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George Takei to Cameo in “Star Trek” UPDATE: Rumor Debunked

Though the producers can’t seem to fit Shatner’s Kirk in the upcoming Star Trek film, they have found room to include George Takei’s Sulu in the film.

Update: It turns out that this bit of casting news is not true. TrekMovie is reporting that the line in the magazine article: “George Takei is also thought to be appearing in these sequences reprising his role as Sulu.” was only guessing that Takei would be in the film. added the following: has confirmed from multiple sources that this is entirely not true. One source has told TrekMovie that there is no role for Takei as Sulu in the script (which is locked due to the WGA strike). Apparently J.J. Abrams has spoken to Takei (just as he has also spoken to William Shatner and Nichelle Nichols), but there is no indication that this talk was about a potential role for the actor. Mr. Takei could not be reached because he is currently on set for The Red Canvas, a martial arts film. However Brad Altman, Takei’s business manager and partner told “The Starburst Magazine article is erroneous, we will be as surprised as the fans if George is in Star Trek XI.”

Original article:

According to the latest issue of Starburst Magazine, the Takei (who contributed an interview in the magazine) said that he will appear in the film.

Takei’s role will apparently be a brief flash foreward scene between Sulu and Spock.

Other than that, no further details have been revealed.

Source: Starburst Magazine (via