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Seth Rogen Discusses “The Green Hornet”

MTV recently got in touch with Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) and asked the actor about his planned adaptation of The Green Hornet.  Among topics discussed in the interview include the reveal that there exists two outlines of the film: “there’s a more comedic version and less comedic version”.

More from the interview:

“[The fan reaction] was a little surprising. I love the idea! I think it’s going to be a unique and interesting movie,” the jocular always-self-deprecating Rogen announced, before adding with a laugh, “but nerds love complaining. You go on [the Web site for] Ain’t It Cool News, and everybody complains about everything. They could find out Jesus Christ was making a movie with Frank Miller, and they’d say, ‘That’s a terrible combination!’ “

For the rest of the interview, be sure to head on over to MTV.

Source: MTV