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SCI FI Greenlights “Warehouse 13”

The SCI FI Channel has greenlit the pilot Warehouse 13, a series with similarities to X-Files, with a take on two FBI agents in charge of a top-secret storage facility.

A two-hour pilot will be shot later this fall, with plans to expand to a full blown series next summer. The drama will be written by Rockne O’Bannon, Jane Espenson and D. Brent Mote. An executive producer has not yet been set.

The series joins Revolution as the only other pilot on the cable networks slate this fall.

“This plays into our agenda,” Stern said. “It’s set in the present, it celebrates imagination, yet it’s meant to broaden out our audience reach.”More from the Variety article:

Comedic drama follows two agents — a man and woman — as they’re given a “promotion” to head up the hush-hush “Warehouse 13” in South Dakota. Facility is home to a collection of strange materials collected by the government. The pair are charged with hunting down missing objects and discovering new ones — and then bringing them back to the vaults.

And a few more thoughts from Stern:

“There’s something rich about that whole concept,” Stern said. “It’s a huge storehouse, a ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’-style spot described as America’s attic.”

“It’s a great mix of continuing stories and closed-ended ones,” Stern said. “It’s a nice, clean franchise.”

The full press release follows below:


Channel Greenlights New Dramedy Pilot From Universal Media Studios

New York, NY – October 25, 2007 – SCI FI continues to ramp up its original development slate by giving a greenlight to the two-hour pilot Warehouse 13. Part X-Files, part Raiders of the Lost Ark, and part Moonlighting, this new one-hour dramedy from Universal Media Studios is slated to begin production in December with an eye toward a summer 2008 premiere.

After saving the life of the President, two FBI agents find themselves abruptly “promoted” and relocated to windswept South Dakota. Their new top-secret location is Warehouse 13 – a massive, secret storage facility that houses every strange artifact, mysterious relic, fantastical object and supernatural souvenir ever collected by the U.S. government over the centuries. In addition to searching the country for several missing objects discovered stolen from the Warehouse, their job is to monitor for new reports of supernatural and paranormal activity that could indicate the presence of another object they must investigate and safely bring back to the vaults of Warehouse 13.

Warehouse 13 is based on a script by Rockne O’Bannon and Jane Espenson and D. Brent Mote, and will be produced by Universal Media Studios.

“Like our successful series ‘Eureka,’ ‘Warehouse 13’ is a fun, intriguing concept that should continue to broaden our audience through present-day, relatable stories with an imaginative twist,” stated Mark Stern, Executive Vice President, Original Programming, SCI FI. “Rockne has delivered a wonderful script and we can’t wait to get this into production.”

The Warehouse 13 news comes hot on the heels of SCI FI greenlighting the new drama Revolution from Paramount Television Studios, and Ghost Hunters International, a new globally-focused spin-off of the Channel’s breakout hit Ghost Hunters. SCI FI has also begun development on a new dramedy with Fox Television Studios called Earthlings, and renewed its wildly popular action adventure series Stargate Atlantis for a fifth original season. In the coming months, SCI FI will premiere two tentpole events – Halloween’s six-hour Ghost Hunters Live! special, and December’s must-see miniseries, Tin Man, SCI FI’s reimagination of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz starring Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming and Richard Dreyfuss.

SCI FI Channel is a television network where “what if” is what’s on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site ( ) and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 92 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies.

Source: Variety

  • Daniel Richter

    has this pilot aired yet? i need to know because i was a background actor in it, and i’d really like to see it! can someone please let me know?!

  • Daniel Richter

    has this pilot aired yet? i need to know because i was a background actor in it, and i’d really like to see it! can someone please let me know?!