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“Battlestar Galactica” Isn’t Returning Until April, 2008

Battlestar Galactica fans are going to have to wait for new episodes just a while longer. Season 4 won’t premiere until April, 2008.

20 episodes will conclude the show and it’s still unclear whether it’ll be a straight shot, or if SCI FI will hold off on the final half (the last 10) until 2009.

The LA Times reported the news, and also revealed that executive producer/creator Ronald D. Moore will be directing an episode of the series, his directorial debut:



“It’s the perfect opportunity to try and do it here with my family — the cast and crew of the show — who have been working together for years now.

“For all I know, I’ll hate directing, but right now I’m hungry for it.”

As to his thoughts on whether SCI FI will air all 20 episodes next year, or spread it over 2008 and 2009, Moore says he’d prefer it all to air in 2008:

“I’d probably prefer to see the entire thing air next year to maintain the momentum, to build excitement as it pushes to the end,” Moore said, “not to mention it means less chance of spoilers getting out.”

More at the source below.

Source: LA Times