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TVGuide Interview With George Lucas

In an interview with TV Guide, George Lucas discusses several different subjects, including some talk on Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Here’s a small segment from the interview:

TV Guide: Speaking of friends working together… you and Steven Spielberg — how’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull going?
Lucas: Very well. Very well indeed.

TV Guide: Were you disappointed about Sean Connery not coming out of retirement to play Indy’s father?
Lucas: No, in the end, it turned out better. In the beginning, he was just in a little bit of it, and I think with the strength of Sean Connery, people would’ve wanted him to go all the way through the whole thing, and the story really didn’t work that way. And so I think there would’ve been some disappointment that [his character] dropped out partway through the movie. By having somebody else fill that role, you lose him without any regret, so to speak, even though we got a great actor to play the part. And I mean, he’s not his father, so it’s much easier….

For the rest of the interview, click this link.

Source: TVGuide