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Sorry for the lack of updates. Here’s a quick rundown of what I’m working on.

Expect updates to begin again this evening. In addition to the various news articles in the entertainment field, I’ll be uploading the ratings results and analysis from Sunday (of NBC Sunday Night Football and The Emmy’s) and for Monday (season three premiere of Prison Break and the series premiere of K-Ville).

I’ll also be doing several mini-reviews of many of the upcoming new fall shows that I’ve seen. Don’t forget to check out my handy Fall 2007 Programming Guide (which you can of course always find an updated version to download here). Or just click the link in the file itself (at the bottom) to ensure you have the latest version. And please do keep those comments coming, they’ve been very helpful!


  • edward

    i`ll be looking forward to it!

  • edward

    i`ll be looking forward to it!