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2007 Fall Programming Guide Update

Fall 2007 Programming Guide

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I’ve made several new additions/changes/fixes to my programming guide. The biggest addition is that I’ve added synopsis and cast information for all the new fall shows. There is a direct link at the top of the guide that will take you to the section, which starts up right below the Official Websites/Grid section.

They are posted in alphabetical order. There is also an A-Z link section directly above and below the section.

Another addition is that you can now click on each day in the Official Websites/Grid section and be directed to that day on the main guide.

That’s all for this update, but I plan on making at least one new change before the weekend is out. I’ll be adding links in the New Show Synopsis/Cast Information section where when you click on the show title it takes you to the show in the guide, and also I’ll probably add the premiere date in that section as well.

I simply wanted to get this out now at the start of the weekend, and allow for any feedback (remember, you can either e-mail at, or leave a comment on this article or any other related article on the site) before making the additional changes.