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NBC Not Renewing Contract with iTunes

NBC has decided to not renew their TV contract with Apple’s iTunes video download service. In response, Apple has refused to offer any of NBC’s new fall TV shows available to download. Meaning shows such as The Bionic Woman, Journeyman and Chuck will not show up on the service.

NBC Universal shows already on the service such as Heroes and Battlestar Galactica will continue to be offered through the remainder of the current 2-year contract, which ends in December.

Reports indicate that NBC Universal was asking for an increase in the wholesale price (reportedly more than double what it is now), which Apple declined to oblige to, claiming it would in effect cause an increase in the price of the download to as high as $4.99 per episode (TV show episodes sell for $1.99/each on the service).

The NBC U shows are a big part of iTunes sales, accounting for 30% of the services TV sales.