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Sommers Directing “G.I. Joe”, Plus Writer May Be Set

It’s official.  Stephen Sommers has been tapped by Paramount to direct G.I. Joe.  The studio has set a summer 2009 release for the live-action feature based on the Hasbro line of action figures.

Variety confirmed the news, which was originally scooped by IESB (article here) back on the 10th of this month.  After that news broke, there were reports (also from IESB–article here) that Sommers declined the offer because his salary terms were not met by Paramount, but that obviously turned out to be false.

The film will be produced by Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers) alongside Hasbro COO Brian Goldner.  Sommers and his Sommers Co. partner Bob Ducsay will also serve as producers.

Here are some of the highlights from the Variety article:

“Marrying Steve’s vision with 25 years of this brand mythology feels like a great way to go forward,” Goldner said.

“Our vision (for “The Mummy”) was clear the time the first trailer played during the Super Bowl, and by the time this one plays a Super Bowl, you’ll see the coolest characters and visuals you can imagine, and beyond-state-of-the-art equipment,” Sommers said. “I wouldn’t have jumped into this just because of the Hasbro-Transformers tie. Remember, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean was a big hit, but ‘Haunted Mansion’ not so much.”

But that’s not all the G.I. Joe news, turns out IESB may have scooped who’ll be writing the film.

From the website:

Stephen Sommers claims himself to be a fan of screenwriter Stuart Beattie’s work and sources are telling us that Paramount Studios has hired him on to bring the GI Joe Team to life!

For IESB’s analysis on how Beattie’s script may turn out, click the link to the source below.
Sources: Variety & IESB