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Could the “Justice League America” Film be CGI?

In recent weeks, there has been an increase in news relating to Warner Bros. getting the Justice League America film off the ground. First were reports that the studio was more interested in completing the film before jumping into the Superman Returns sequel (rumored to be titled Superman: Man of Steel), then casting news revealing both Brandon Routh and Christian Bale had not been asked back to play their respective characters in the film. Well now comes a new rumor that the film will be CGI/motion-captured.

Choosing to go that route would certainly help explain certain developments, such as why Miller may be the one to direct (given the director’s last film was the CGI animated hit Happy Feet) and also helps to explain why Brandon Routh and Christian Bale had not been approached to reprise their respective roles.

So, here is the source of the rumor. An e-mail from an insider sent to As always with rumors, take this with a grain of salt until there is some sort of news about what the studio has planned for the film:

We rec[ei]ved an email this morning from an insider who might be able to back up the actors’ no-show in this one – seems the film (and it would make sense considering George Miller is the director) might be CGI.

Take this with a grain of salt, this is “friend of a friend” stuff from Sony Imageworks, so there’s a chance it’s not true, but it’s looking likely.

Apparently, the new JLA film won\’t be live action…why the need to cast actors then you ask? Because it’s going to be a cgi film that utilises motion capture technology to create a “photo-real” animated film, much like the upcoming Beowulf.

Given Millers recent history with cgi animation (Happy Feet) Imageworks previous working relationship with Warner Brothers and DC Properties (Superman Returns) I would say that this is safe bet to be true. It’s also interesting to note that the JLA rumours and speculation really went up a gear after the release of the Beowulf trailer.

What it means of course is that Miller can cast actors rather than faces to play these roles which will then be transferred to a cg environment using the latest motion capture technology.

More news as I get it,

Jawa Juice

We then rec[ei]ved a second email from ‘Jawa Juice’, stating :

I must correct an error in my previous mail…Imageworks aren’t necessarily doing the effects for the mo-cap cgi JLA movie…they’re still in negotiations. I’ve been told that there are a few effects houses bidding for the contract (R&H and possibly WETA, though the latter is unconfirmed).

Whoever gets the jobs, it may mean that JLA could be pushed back to late 2009, or even 2010…this is speculation on my part, but cgi-films take a long time to do and photo-real mo-cap is still a pretty new technology.

Sorry, for the error, I’ll try to give you an update once I get back to the States.

Jawa Juice