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Davis Shoots Down “Shoot ‘Em Up” Sequel Talk

Recently, rumors had surfaced that even without before the release of Shoot ‘Em Up, a sequel was already being planned.  Now, comes a clarification from director Michael Davis.

Davis says he was misrepresented:

“No [I haven’t written a sequel] and this is what got misinterpreted – we had some guys through the internet come in and also my publicists don’t like me to talk about this too much because they want me to talk about the movie at hand. I wrote a new script that is it’s own stand alone action script. I could take it to any studio and set it up as it’s own action franchise. But if the script were tweaked, it could also end up being Shoot ‘Em Up II”.

So no sequel, but that’s not to say the director wouldn’t be interested in doing another one, saying: “I would love to do Shoot ‘Em Up II and I think Clive is into it”.