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Lethal Weapon 5?

News is once again circulating about another installment in the Lethal Weapon franchise. has received word from sources that Warner Bros. are in the early stages of trying to relaunch the Lethal Weapon series. Here is the information received from one of the sites sources:

“Hey Clint, still working over here at [place of employment removed] as [position]. Probably no surprise to hear, but there’s more Lethal talk. Apparently the whole trend of resurrecting old action heroes, like John McClane (in “Live Free or Die Hard”) and John Rambo has spurred them on. Twelve months after Gibson turned down the offer to do a fifth one, they’re trying again. Something might have changed – guess his career is kind of in the shitter? – because it seems to be going somewhere. That’s this week anyway. We shall see. Danny Glover’s not committing until he sees a script.”