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‘Bourne’ Heading to USA Network

In an 11 picture deal, USA Network has secured the rights to airing the current film in the Bourne franchise, The Bourne Ultimatum, in addition to 9 other films.

The terms of the entire deal, which should amount to somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 million, call for the network to pay 12% of the total domestic box office for ‘Bourne’, as well as another Universal film in the deal, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.  Depending on the final gross of those two films, the network will be paying about $35-40 million for those two, with the remaining nine films making up the rest of the cost.

The films in 11 picture deal are Ali G Indahouse, Alpha Dog, Breach, Children of Men, The Good Shepherd, The Hitcher, The Interpreter, Man of the Year and Smokin’ Aces.

For more specfics on the deal, including when the films are scheduled to hit the basic cable network, check out the link to the source below.

Source: Variety