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Comic-Con 2007: Kevin Smith to Direct/Write Episode of “Heroes” Origins”

During the panel for Heroes, it was announced that the limited run spin-off series Heroes: Origins will have an episode written and directed by Kevin Smith.

Heroes: Origins (click for more information on the series) will run for six episodes and begin in April, filling in while Heroes is on a short hiatus.

Here’s the relevant portion of’s summary of the panel:

“Heroes: Origins” was also discussed. They talked about how each episode will cover a single character and it was revealed that Kevin Smith will be directing the first episode. This announcement shocked even the cast as Smith came out on stage. He joked that he wanted to direct an episode about the first ‘gay heroes’. He joked about how the ‘two Japanese dudes’ were gay. “If you can do an autopsy on a cheerleader, you can show a couple of heroes making out.” “I don’t want to be the guy who ruined ‘Heroes'” he said. “‘Heroes: Origins’ starts in April.

Heroes returns for its second season on September 24th with a string of 11 episodes.