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Quinto Confirmed As Spock?

It’s looking more and more likely that Zachary Quinto (who plays Sylar on the NBC hit Heroes) will be the next Spock in the upcoming Star Trek feature film.

Here is what was reported on from E! Online:

Zachary Quinto’s chances of being Spock in the upcoming Star Trek film are looking extremely good. I hear the deal is about to close. Best. Casting. Ever.

And then an update:

Update: Jen here. Following up on K.G.’s brilliant scoop, I checked with a source who confirms that the Zachary Quinto-as-Spock contract is with the business affairs team at Paramount. Business affairs is generally considered the last stop on the deal-negotiation train. The deal only awaits sign-off from outside counsel. Squee.

Source: E! Online