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Producer Talks “Farscape” Future

TV Guide scored an exclusive interview with the executive producer of Farscape, discussing the upcoming revival and plans to advance the series even further.

A little bit from the article:

A dozen new webisodes of the irreverent 1999-2003 live-action/puppet science-fiction adventure could launch as early as this fall on Scripts have yet to be written, but Henson says the installments will be three to six minutes long, and “each one is a cool little cliff-hanger scene that takes you on a mind-twisting adventure.” He expects some of the series’ actors and writers to return, but as of yet no deals have been signed. As to whether stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black will come back, Henson hints that their characters’ son, D’Argo Sun-Crichton, will likely be featured in the project. “The story will definitely take place in the Farscape universe,” Henson says, “and there will be some characters that the audience knows and some characters that will be new.” (All of the show’s Creature Shop-designed animatronic puppets will have to be re-created, he says, “because all of their molded foam skins have rotted.”)

For more, including an update on whether Browder (John Crichton) will be in the series, click this link.

Source: TV Guide