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Next “Punisher” Cast

With Thomas Jane out as Frank Castle (Punisher), news now comes from Latino Review of the actors replacement. The new Punisher is Ray Stevenson (of HBO’s Rome).

More from Latino Review:

Want to know who the new Punisher will be in the upcoming sequel.We bet you do. Better yet we know and we want to tell you.

The new Punisher is RAY STEVENSON! Yup the guy from HBO’s ROME in which he plays the role of Titus Pullo.
Ray Stevenson is the third Punisher behind Thomas Jane from the 2004 version and Dolph Lundgren from the 1989 film.

Now we know that Lexi Alexander has landed the job of director of Punisher 2 and now we know who the Punisher is going to be.

But who is the villain? Its still JIGSAW as it has been reported before.

The site adds that the casting news will likely be confirmed shortly or at Comic-Con.

Source: Latino Review