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“Wolverine” Director Set

20th Century Fox has announced that they’ve selected relatively unknown Gavin Hood (Tsotsi) as director for the upcoming X-Men spin-off film Wolverine. The film, starring Hugh Jackman, will be directed from a script penned by David Benioff, and is the first of at least two scheduled X-Men spin-off’s, the other being Magneto.

Wolverine will mix action with an origin story which will detail how Logan emerged from an experiment and became a mutant. It will base its story on existing lore from the original Marvel Comic books and the more recent Weapon X graphic novels from Frank Miller.


Star Hugh Jackman had the following to say about the announcement of Gavin as the director:

“I have long been a fan of Gavin’s work and know he will make a masterful film with the character intensity and action beats the fans expect”.

Production begins this coming November for a 2008 release.


Source: 20th Century Fox