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“Saw V” and “Saw VI” On the Way

Bloody-Disgusting has received word that David Hackl has gotten the go-ahead on both “Saw V” and “Saw VI”.

Hackl worked as the production designer on Saw II-IV and also served as second unit director on parts II and IV. He’s now been named by the studio to direct the two upcoming films (after Saw IV).

Saw IV hits theaters on October 26, 2007. While none of this is confirmed, if history repeats itself (Saw I-2004, Saw II-2005, Saw III-2006 and Saw IV-2007), it seems like we’re looking at 2008 for Part V and 2009 for Part VI. Again, none of these dates are confirmed, they’re just speculation on my part.

And while we’re talking Saw, how about some minor spoilage on part IV? Stop reading if you wish to remain spoiler-free.
Donnie Wahlberg is returning for Saw IV, telling Rotten Tomatoes that his character is still not dead and he’s not at all pleased about it:

“Yeah, I got a scene in it,” said Wahlberg. “They kept me alive. I told them I wanted to die in part three and they took out my death. I just lie there and nothing happens.”

“No, they kept me alive. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Source: Bloody Disgusting and Rotten Tomatoes