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End of the Road Likely for “Traveler”

Unfortunately, ABC’s Traveler has all but been canceled. Word of the series not returning comes from series creator David DiGilio via his celebrity blog.

Here’s a bit from the excellent blog post:

Yes, in my efforts to keep you guys up to date, we have sadly reached the point where our show is most likely not coming back. ABC has officially let our cast contracts lapse. While this is not a formal cancellation, we are meant to fade away quietly, as this article from the L.A. Times suggests.

The Traveler fans are doing everything they can to pull a Jericho, and if you want to see updates on their ideas and progress, you can check out the various fan forums on the Web. Here’s hoping that I do not need to provide you with series closure on this blog. But if that is the case, it will be one hell of an entry.

Now, I am not a guy who has many regrets in life. But I realized that because so much time has passed since we actually filmed the shows, I have probably been robbing you guys of some good “behind the scenes” experience in favor of my personal musings on the entertainment industry. So, I thought today I would step into my personal wormhole and take you back to the week we made Episode 7, “The Reunion.” This wormhole comes courtesy of the new iPhone which, if you have not yet heard, offers every feature and function imaginable including personal time travel and wash-and-fold laundry service. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Click this link to read the rest of the post.

Definitely an unfortunate bit of news. I really am enjoying these episodes and am looking forward to the shows finale. I just wish ABC had treated the show in a better manor. Leaving it die during the summer doesn’t make any sense.