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“Star Trek” Script is Complete

During promotion for his upcoming film Transformers, Roberto Orci said that he and Alex Kurtzman, his writing partner, have finished writing the script for Star Trek (2008).

Orci also spoke about the films progress, saying that it has gone into preproduction and will go into production this November under director J.J. Abrams: “We’re still casting. We’re in preproduction, actually this month.”

Very little is known about the plot for the film, but Orci let slip a few details, saying that “Kirk is in the movie.” He expanded on that a bit saying: “Some kind of Kirk. … We literally haven’t cast them yet. It’s actually one of the challenges, and so we’re hoping to have something by Comic-Con [in San Diego in July], but we’ll see.”

The “some kind of Kirk” line is a bit odd, no? Sorta makes it sound as if the character Kirk might be a relative of the Kirk from the original Star Trek series and movies.

For more on Orci’s thoughts on casting and on the future of Star Trek on TV, follow the link to the source below.

Source: SCI FI Wire