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News on “Get Smart” Remake

Speaking with MTV News, Steve Carell said that their remake has been given approval by Mel Brooks and Buck Henry.

Excited by the news Carell told MTV News that: “We’re really lucky because it’s been given their seal of approval. They are completely on board.  “[They’ve] been in contact with Pete Segal, the director, and they’ve been going back and forth, doing pitches, and jokes, and sending things all the way along.”

The filmmakers even set a small cameo up for Brooks, but he’s not able to commit, Carell said:   “We asked him, but he’s too busy — he’s actually casting ‘Young Frankenstein’ which he’s doing on Broadway right now — but we had a cameo all set for him. He just couldn’t scheduling-wise make it up,” Carell declared. “[But] we’re up shooting in Montreal right now, so he may be coming to visit us.”

Some of the cast confirmed for the remake include James Caan, Anne Hathaway and The Rock.

For more on the remake, follow the link below.

Source: MTV Movies Blog