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Video of the Day: Paris Sent Back to Jail, Bystander Very Disappointed [Update]

So I was watching CNN earlier today when all this Paris Hilton is going back to jail nonsense sprung up and as I was watching, this little gem of a few seconds came on screen.

Someone letting out a Vader NOOO! (well, in short bursts)? Just too damn funny to pass up. And hey “reporters”, how about lightening up a bit huh?

The person screaming turned out to be a writer/contributor for the Jimmy Kimmel Live show:

One person claiming to be a Hilton supporter turned out to be a writer for the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” show. He screamed “no, no, no” after learning Hilton was going back to jail.

Anyways, enjoy the clip and be sure to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight for more on the bit.


Here’s the hilarious opening segment from tonights Jimmy Kimmel Live:

[livevideo id=A8B238C28F5D4B16B929BE0E6D00BF74]

  • wcwtnanwo

    hi thats funny x-lol-x

  • wcwtnanwo

    hi thats funny x-lol-x