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Willis Interested In Doing Another “Die Hard”

Well before the premiere of the fourth installment in the Die Hard franchise, we hear news from Bruce Willis that Fox may already be planning for a fifth film.

While doing press for Live Free or Die Hard, Willis told those in attendance about the possibility of doing another film (NOTE: Spoilers for who may return for another go-around follow):

MoviesOnline: So is this really the last Die Hard?

BRUCE WILLIS: No, I don’t think so. I think that Fox is already talking about doing another one. I told them I would only do it if Len is involved.


BRUCE WILLIS: And Maggie Q. And Justin of course, yeah, because we can’t do it without Justin.

Live Free or Die Hard hits theaters on June 27. And unfortunately, the MPAA has not yet issued a rating for the film, extending the possibility that it will receive a PG-13 rating.

Source: MoviesOnline