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More ‘Ocean’s’ Films on the Way? No more Bourne for Damon

If the cast as anything to say about it at least.

Speaking during the press conference held after the Cannes Film Festival screening of Ocean’s Thirteen, the cast seemed very interested in continuing on with another installment when asked by the press.

Unrelated to ‘Ocean’s‘, Matt Damon (who stars in the film, and in August’s The Bourne Ultimatum) told the crowd that three would be it for the Bourne trilogy, stating: “We have ridden that horse as far as we can.” while joking that he feels “a bit [like] of a prostitute for putting out two number threes in one year.”

Damon did note that Universal could continue the franchise, they’d just have to do so with another actor.

Ocean’s Thirteen hits theaters on June 8, 2007, while The Bourne Ultimatum will hit on August 3, 2007.

Source: Variety