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Some Scoop on the “Deadwood” Films

Fans of Deadwood may recall that HBO and series creator David Milch (currently producing new another series for HBO titled John from Cincinnati) declared after the last season of Deadwood aired that there would be additional film(s) to conclude the saga.

Well, don’t expect a Deadwood return until at least 2008.

Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune has reported that according to a spokeswoman for the HBO show, the films will “most likely” not air until 2008. The reason for the delay is David Milch has to first wrap up production on John from Cincinnati (set to premiere June 10). Once production wraps in early June, only then can pre-production on the Deadwood films begin, which means filming wouldn’t be likely until at least the second half of 2007, which makes it highly unlikely they would air this year.

Additionally, though no actors from the show have been signed for the upcoming films, the spokeswoman said that she was confident the cast would be back.

More information about the series is available at the link below.

Source: Maureen Ryan Chicago Tribune Blog — ‘Deadwood’s return ‘most likely’ delayed until 2008