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2006 Peabody Winners Announced

The University of Georgia announced the winners of the 2006 George Foster Peabody Awards this Wednesday.

Highlights of the winners include three shows from NBC (Friday Night Lights, The Office and Scrubs) and ABC’s Ugly Betty.

“This year the Peabody Board reviewed an amazing array of outstanding material,” said Horace Newcomb, director of the Peabody Awards. “The result is that our work becomes more difficult – and more rewarding – as creators and producers of electronic media develop more and more powerful, important, and engaging work.”

The awards will be handed at an event hosted by sportscaster Bob Costas June 4 at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan.

Complete List of 2006 Peabody Award Winners

Mental Anguish and the Military National Public Radio
Using candid, sometimes startling interviews, NPR investigates how Iraq War veterans coping with post-traumatic stress disorder are treated, socially as well as medically, at one U.S. military base.Produced by National Public Radio

Crossing East: Our History, Our Stories, Our America Public Radio International

In the first radio series to explore Asian-American history in depth, eight, 54-minute installments drew on sources that included more than 500 hours of oral history interviews conducted for the project.
Produced by MediaRites Productions

Crossing Borders Arizona Public Radio and some 230 public-radio stations

The nighttime desert seems to have a voice of its own in this vivid audio chronicle of illegal immigrants from Mexico, what dangers their journeys can entail, and why they still take the risk.
Produced by

This American Life: Habeas Schmabeas WBEZ, Chicago, and some 500 public-radio stations

This report, about the denial of habeas corpus to terrorism suspects, focuses on the stories of two former Guantanamo Bay prisoners and explains why the right is so fundamental in American law.
Produced by WBEZ Chicago Public Radio

StoryCorps National Public Radio
This ambitious, nationwide project gathers oral histories that will ultimately be archived at the Library of Congress. It also provides NPR`s “Morning Edition” with a stream of moving first-person accounts by Americans ranging from Civil Rights veterans to Hurricane Katrina survivors to Alzheimer`s victims.
Produced by StoryCorps

Defective Parts on Blackhawk Helicopters WTNH-TV, New Haven, CT

WTNH reporters` investigation of quality-control issues at an important local employer, Sikorsky Aircraft, prompted corrective action and a corporate shakeup.
Produced by WTNH-TV

Left Behind: The Failure of East St. Louis Schools KMOV-TV, St. Louis, MO

In 21 reports broadcast over a seven month period, KMOV exposed the school district`s violation of state and federal rules regarding special education and uncovered the school board`s awarding of more than 100 political or nepotistic jobs.
Produced by KMOV-TV

The Education of Ms. Groves NBC

Inspiring but not schmaltzy, this program tracks the learning curve of a wide-eyed, first-year middle-school teacher in Atlanta who discovers her job demands skills and resources as well as idealism.
Produced by Dateline NBC

60 Minutes: The Duke Rape Case CBS

A “60 Minutes” team led by correspondent Ed Bradley delved into the allegations of rape against Duke University lacrosse players and stopped a prosecutorial rush to judgment in its tracks.
Produced by CBS News.

Prescription Privacy/Cause for Alarm WTHR-TV, Indianapolis, IN

A pair of reports – one on inadequate tornado-warning sirens, the other on drug stores` willy-nilly disposal of clients` personal data were enterprising investigations, calls for action – and great local television.
Produced by WTHR-TV

ABC News Brian Ross Investigates: Conduct Unbecoming ABC
Brian Ross` broadcasts and web postings about Rep. Mark Foley`s sexually explicit emails to young Congressional pages triggered new revelations, speeded Foley`s resignation and may have affected the outcome of the November elections.
Produced by ABC World News Tonight, ABC News Nightline, ABC “The Blotter”

Command Mistake WISH-TV, Indianapolis, IN

In a local-station investigation that spread to three continents, WISH demonstrated that U.S. Marines are sustaining head injuries that can kill or cost millions to rehab – merely for lack of helmet padding that costs $30.
Produced by WISH-TV

Galapagos: Born of Fire BBC Two
The Galapagos islands, a fascinating microcosm of Earth, inspired this melding of cinematography and musical score cited by Peabody board members as “stunning,” “amazing” and “astonishing.”
Produced by BBC, co-produced by National Geographic, BBC Worldwide

American Masters: Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film PBS
Ric Burns`s documentary places Warhol at the center of the late 20th century art world and shows how his work, notoriety and life embodied and influenced the culture of his time.
Produced by Steeplechase Films Inc., High Line Productions, Daniel Wolf Inc., Thirteen/WNET

For My Country? Latinos in the Military mun2

This probing but even-handed documentary examines the social, cultural and economic realities that lead a demographically disproportionate number of young Latinos to enlist in the military and questions whether they are being targeted by recruiters.
Produced by mun2

Baghdad ER Home Box Office

Filmed at the 86th Combat Support Hospital and presented without commentary or narration, this documentary is a horrifying and humbling testament to the dedication of medical personnel confronting the overwhelming brutality of war.
Produced by Home Box Office, Downtown Community Television

Braindamadj`d…Take II CBC

A television producer who suffered a brain injury confounds a dire prognosis. He not only makes a significant recovery but creates a wildly inventive film about his experience.
Produced by Apartment 11 Productions, CBC Newsworld, Canadian Television Fund, RDI, Knowledge Network

When The Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts Home Box Office

Spike Lee`s examination of Hurricane Katrina`s devastation and the government`s neglect of New Orleans in the storm`s aftermath is an epic chronicle of destruction and broken promises, a heartrending document and a profound work of art.
Produced by HBO Documentary Films in association with 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks

Out of Control: AIDS in Black America ABC
In a prime-time news hour, ABC explored the reasons for and consequences of a shockingly underreported fact – that blacks, who make up 13 percent of the U.S. population, now account for more than 50 percent of new cases of HIV infection.
Produced by PJ Productions, ABC News

Why We Fight CBC
Masterful simply as filmmaking, disturbing as connect-the-dot reportage, this documentary links President Eisenhower`s famous warning about the “military-industrial complex” to six ensuing decades of American interventions abroad, to terrorism and to the war in Iraq.
Produced by Charlotte Street Films LTD, CBC TV (Canada), BBC TV (United Kingdom), ARTE GEIE TV (France/Germany), TV2 TV (Denmark), YLE TV2 TV (Finland), WDR TV (Germany), VRT TV (Belgium), SVT TV (Sweden), VPRO TV (Netherlands), NRK TV (Norway), ETV TV (Estonia), European Union Media Plus Program, TVE (Spain)

Brotherhood Showtime

Uniformly splendid acting and a strong sense of place characterize this serial drama about two Providence, R.I. brothers, a rising politician and a smalltime gangster, and their morally compromised pursuits of the American dream.
Produced by Showtime, Mandalay Television

Billie Jean King: Portrait of a Pioneer Home Box Office
Unusually substantial for a sports biography, the film persuasively confirms the tennis champion`s heroic status in women`s history as well as athletics.
Produced by HBO Sports

Elizabeth I Home Box Office

Helen Mirren`s artistry as an actress mesmerizes throughout this beautifully produced movie that focuses on the latter half of Queen Elizabeth I`s reign — a splendid rendering of historic events and intimate details.
Produced by Company Pictures and Channel 4 in association with HBO Films

Boondocks: Return of the King Cartoon Network
An especially daring episode of the animated series based on Aaron McGruder`s syndicated comic strip imagines Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. reviving from a 32-year “coma” and outraging Americans of all colors and creeds by confronting them with truths that he, at least, still holds to be self-evident.
Produced by Rebel Base, Sony Pictures Television

Scrubs NBC

A sweet-and-pungent “Wizard of Oz” parody was just one testimonial to the continuing creative vigor, six seasons into its run, of Bill Lawrence`s hellzapoppin` comedy about the staff of a Los Angeles hospital.
Produced by Touchstone Television

Ugly Betty ABC
Inspired by an internationally popular telenovela, this Americanized version defies category. It`s part comedy, part drama, part soap opera, part fashion-industry satire – but is unmistakably graced with wry intelligence and heart.
Produced by Touchstone Television

Gideon`s Daughter BBC America
This delicate character drama uses a complex father-daughter relationship to explore grief and the cult of celebrity against the backdrop of a nation mourning Princess Diana`s death.
Produced by BBC, BBC America, Talkback

The Office NBC
This American adaptation of the Peabody-winning British hit of the same title — a comedy of workplace manners and politics presented in faux documentary form — has firmly established its own precise voice and studied brilliance.
Produced by Reveille Studios in association with NBC Universal Television Studios

Friday Night Lights NBC
No dramatic series, broadcast or cable, is more grounded in contemporary American reality than this clear eyed serial about the hopes, dreams, livelihoods and egos intertwined with the fate of high-school football in a Texas town.
Produced by NBC Universal Television Studio in association with Imagine Entertainment and Film 44

Good Eats Food Network
Rarely has science been taught on TV in such an entertaining – and appetizing – manner as it is in Alton Brown`s goofy, tirelessly inventive series.
Produced by Be Square Productions Inc.

The Music In Me Home Box Office
What better way to inspire the study of music than with this irresistible collection of artfully photographed vignettes of young musicians, ages 7 to 11, playing everything from classical cello to zydeco accordion.
Produced by HBO Family

Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet Independent Film Channel (Independents Shorts Showcases I & II) and

Written, shot and edited by young filmmakers, ages 13-19, the nine short films in this series introduce budding artists who convey unique visions of what it`s like to grow up in different lands, under different social and economic conditions.
Produced by Listen Up! Youth Media Network (New York, NY) with Polimorfo (Bogota Colombia), iEarn Sierra Leone (Freetown, Sierra Leone), Evanston Township High School (Evanston, IL), La Camioneta (Guatemala City, Guatemala), Sawtona (Amman, Jordan), Frame By Frame Fierce (New York, NY), Light House (Charlottesville, VA), Spy Hop Productions (Salt Lake City, UT), Our Voice (Kiev, Ukraine)

The Three Amigos HIV/AIDS Prevention Programme SABC (South Africa), OMNI (Canada), SBS 6 (Holland), TVM (Mozambique) & many others

A trio of anthropomorphic, cartoon condoms star in this hilariously memorable HIV/AIDS-prevention campaign that has been made available in 41 different languages.
Produced by Chocolate Moose Media Inc., Quintet Productions

Being A Black Man

This revelatory website created by Washington Post staff defied stereotypes and went far beyond dire statistics and inspiring testimonials, allowing visitors to see, hear and respond to a huge range of history and personal experience.
Produced by, The Washington Post


This curated, ever-changing trove of independent documentaries under four minutes in length also teaches the history and how-to of nonfiction filmmaking and creates a community site for filmmaker-citizens.
Produced by Magic Lantern Productions, Channel 4

‘Office,’ ‘Betty,’ Bradley among Peabody winners

By Paul J. Gough

NEW YORK — NBC’s “The Office,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Scrubs” along with ABC’s “Ugly Betty” and the late Ed Bradley’s investigation of the Duke rape case for “60 Minutes” highlighted the 2006 George Foster Peabody Awards announced Wednesday by the University of Georgia.

HBO received five awards, including one for Spike Lee’s documentary “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts,” about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. It also won for “Elizabeth I,” “Billie Jean King: Portrait of a Pioneer,” “Baghdad ER” and HBO Family’s “The Music in Me,” about young musicians.

The NBC version of the famed British series — which itself won a Peabody — was honored because it “firmly established its own precise voice and studied brilliance,” according to Peabody judges. “Scrubs” — which, like “The Office,” airs on Thursday nights — was honored for its parody of “The Wizard of Oz,” and the critically acclaimed but ratings-challenged “Lights” was awarded a Peabody for its “clear-eyed” reality. “Betty” is “unmistakably graced with wry intelligence and heart, the Peabody judges said.

ABC News won two Peabodys, for Brian Ross’ investigation about the Mark Foley scandal and for “Out of Control: AIDS in Black America,” which included some of the last interviews done by the late anchor Peter Jennings.

“Brian Ross’ broadcasts and Web postings about Rep. Mark Foley’s sexually explicit e-mails to young congressional pages triggered new revelations, speeded Foley’s resignation and may have affected the outcome of the November elections,” the Peabody judges wrote. Bradley’s “60 Minutes” report is credited with “stopping a prosecutorial rush to judgment in its tracks,” the judges said.

Other television honored included “Why We Fight” (an American-made documentary that appeared on the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.); “Brotherhood” (Showtime); “The Education of Ms. Groves” (“Dateline NBC”); “Galapagos: Born of Fire” (BBC Two-National Geographic); “Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film” that appeared on “American Masters” (PBS); “For My Country: Latinos in the Military” (mun2); “Braindamdj’d … Take II) (CBC); “Boondocks: Return of the King” (Cartoon Network); “Gideon’s Daughter” (BBC America); “Good Eats” (Food Network); “Beyond Borders: Personal Stories from a Small Planet” (Independent Film Channel); and “The Three Amigos HIV/AIDS Prevention Program (SABC in South Africa, OMNI in Canada, SBS 6 in the Netherlands and WVM in Mozambique).

Local television was represented by WTNH-TV in New Haven, Conn., for “Defective Parts on Blackhawk Helicopters”; KMOV-TV in St. Louis for “Left Behind: The Failure of East St. Louis Schools”; WTHR-TV in Indianapolis for “Prescription Privacy/Cause for Alarm”; and WISH-TV in Indianapolis for “Command Mistake.”

Also winning awards were two online projects, “Being a Black Man” from and four-minute citizen-created documentaries from the U.K.’s Channel 4 called “Four Docs,” plus radio programs “Mental Anguish and the Military” (National Public Radio); “Crossing East: Our History, Our Stories, Our America” (Public Radio International); “This American Life: Habeas Schmabeas” (WBEZ, Chicago); “Crossing Borders” (Arizona Public Radio); and “StoryCorps” (NPR).

The awards will be handed out June 4 at a luncheon at the Waldorf-Astoria in Manhattan. It will be hosted by NBC-HBO sportscaster Bob Costas.

Source: [The Peabody Awards]66th Annual Peabody Awards Winners Announced

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