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X-Files 2 A Go?

In an interview at IESB, David Duchovny said that negotiations are in the final stages (to be finalized later this week) in regards to another X-Files film.


Duchovny says X-Files fans will have their second film after all! He revealed to the IESB that they were in final negotiations for the second X-Files film and should wrap this week. Plans are to start shooting in ’08 or sooner!

Some bits from the interview:

Q: Who is all returning for the film?

DD: The story will revolve around Gillian’s character, Dana Scully, and my character, Fox Mulder.

Q: Are they going to address the time issue, the space between each film? Are they still in the FBI?

DD: There is no script completed, they are still developing the entire story.

Follow the link to the source below to read more.

Source: [IESB.NET]X-Files 2 Negotiations Wrap This Week Says Duchovny!