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Working Title for Next Stargate Series: Universe

According to, the working title for the third Stargate series has been unveiled.  The series is currently being referred to as Stargate Universe.

The site goes on to discuss more details on the series:

The new series has been conceived to be “a completely separate, third entity,” Cooper said in an interview — “much more so than Atlantis was. Atlantis was much more of a spin-off seires of SG-1 and was sort of born out of SG-1.”.

“When we originally were sitting around talking about this we were trying to come up with ideas for a Stargate feature — not an SG-1 feature or an Atlantis feature, but a feature that would fit into the Stargate franchise that we feel we have created,” Cooper said. “We were thinking, ‘How do we create a third arm to the franchise that is very connective and that fans will feel is born out of the material that has come before, but at the same time is very much something that stands alone?’

Follow the link to the source below to read more about the new series.

Source: []Third series is Stargate Universe