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Top 20 DVD Sales For The Week Ending February 25, 2007

There were five new releases in the top 20 DVD charts this past week with four in the top five. Flushed Away was on top.

Other new releases in the top 10 were The Prestige in third, Man of the Year in fourth and Babel in fifth.

Just out of the top 10 was Crossover in 11th place.

Rounding out the top 10 was last week’s number one movie, The Departed in second place, Cinderella III: A Twist in Time in sixth place, Open Season in seventh, Flicka in eighth, Flags of Our Fathers in ninth and Marie Antoinette in 10th.

Among TV shows on DVD, the charts were dominated by one series: Grey’s Anatomy. Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1 made its way back onto the charts in 18th place (an amazing 54th week on the charts) and Grey’s Anatomy: Season 2 dropped one spot from last week to 2oth place (its 24th week on the charts).

Top DVD Sales for February 19 to February 25Week Prior

1. Flushed Away – NEW
2. The Departed – 1
3. The Prestige – NEW
4. Man of the Year – NEW
5. Babel – NEW
6. Cinderella III: A Twist in Time – 2
7. Open Season – 3
8. Flicka – 4
9. Flags of Our Fathers – 6
10. Marie Antoinette – 7
11. Crossover – NEW
12. School for Scoundrels – 5
13. The Marine – 9
14. Academy For Superheroes – 8
15. Little Miss Sunshine – 25
16. Cars – 16
17. Saw III – 12
18. Grey’s Anatomy: Season 1 – NR
19. The Guardian – 11
20. Grey’s Anatomy: Season 2 – 19


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